Club & WanD Training


Designed for, and within the scope of practice, of both the licensed massage therapist and the personal trainer. As you know, massage therapists can use exercises to prolong and enhance the effects of a massage. This course will teach Pre- and Post-Rehab and Self-Care exercises with Indian Clubs and Health Wands. Wands and Indian Clubs were used extensively for restorative exercises and recovery during the golden age of American Physical Education and Physical Culture in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They are a powerful tool for enhancing treatments by promoting mobility, stamina, and coordination (inter and intramuscular.)

You will learn how crossing the midline, stimulating the brainstem, and complex rhythmic movement activities do more than improve inter and intramuscular coordination, but may also improve cognition and higher mental functions. Pre- and post-rehab applications of club and wand drills will be presented, along with teaching and correcting methods from a motor learning perspective. These sequences can be used with clients for warm up and cool down, as well as part of a restorative exercise program or on “light days.” Structured drills with these tools build coordination, skill, timing, mobility, stamina and resilience.

Topics covered


Foundational motor learning principles to guide practice schedules, teaching, and correcting


Sagittal and horizontal plane club and wand exercises and sequences with basic footwork


Basic assessments, progressions and regressions


One and two club drills and exercises


One- and two-handed wand drills and exercises

Club & Wand Training


Course Approvals: NASM 1.9, ISSA 8, & KIPS 2.0

Exam Requirement: 70% or better on the final exam | Multiple Choice | Certificate Available for Download 

Format: Online 

Completion Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks depending on study time

Course Format: 5 Online Lectures, Course Manual & Study Guide 

Club and Wand
Price: $199.99