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Fitness Instructor Education

Personal Trainer Program

Beginner to Intermediate • 16-20 hrs

Format: Online with proctored exam

This course is intended to be an introductory level program that will provide students with the basic skills necessary to work as a personal trainer. The online course covers a variety of important topics related to the fitness industry and offers a strong educational base for those who want to pursue a career in this field.

Online Group Fitness Certification

Group Exercise Instructor

Beginner to Intermediate • 16-20 hrs

Format: Online 

This program is designed to provide students with the necessary education to work as group exercise instructors at an entry level. It covers a variety of formats and essential exercise science topics. The main objective of this program is to help students commence their journey in the fitness industry and to develop their careers.

Core Training Online Course

Core Performance Specialist

Beginner to Intermediate • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: ACE, NASM, ISSA, AFAA, KIPS

This course equips the fitness instructor with a theoretic and practical understanding of core training. Upon completing this online course, the fitness professional will have increased competence in coaching and confidence in applying core training principles within their practice. 

Social Media for Fitness Professionals

Social Media for Fitness Professionals

Beginner • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: NASM, ISSA, AFAA, KIPS

This online course teaches fitness instructors, personal trainers, wellness coaches and more, the fundamentals of social media. The social media platforms covered in this course are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Other platforms like Twitter and TikTok are discussed but not covered in detail like the big three.

Athletic Training Online Course Image

Speed, Agility & Strength Training

Beginner to Intermediate • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: NASM, ISSA, AFAA & KIPS

Improve your athlete’s performance and reduce the risk of injury with an online course covering theories on speed, agility, and strength training. Learn drills to improve running technique, acceleration, and reaction time for agility.

online steel mace certification

Foundations of Steel Mace

Beginner • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: NASM, ISSA & KIPS

This training modality has been around for thousands of years and has been used as a weapon in many cultures. In this course, you will learn how to apply this unique training tool with your clients and why it can be a beneficial addition to your programming.

Online Kettlebell Shoulder and Hip

Kettlebell Corrective Strategies & Techniques: Shoulder & Hip

Beginner to Intermediate • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: ISSA & KIPS

This online course starts with the anatomical and biomechanical principles of the hip and shoulder joint. With this foundation and the principles of training: SAID Principle, Overload Principle, and Specificity Principle, we can apply the methods contained in this course to safely and effectively help clients in a way that is relevant to the goals of their program.

Online Indian Club Education

Club & Wand Training

Beginner • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: ISSA & KIPS

Designed for and within the scope of practice of both the licensed massage therapist and the personal trainer. As you know, massage therapists can use exercises to prolong and enhance the effects of a massage. This course will teach Pre- and Post-Rehab and Self-Care exercises with Indian Clubs and Health Wands.

Online Wellness Education

Wellness Coach

Beginner to Intermediate • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: ISSA & KIPS

By becoming a certified wellness coach, you will be able to incorporate a dimension beyond just physical fitness. You will learn to apply change models to help your clients develop long-lasting habits and create mentally clear programs.

online gym CPR

CPR for Health Clubs

Beginner • 1-2 hrs

Format: Online

This 100% online course prepares health & fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in a health club setting. Our course incorporates real-life scenarios that one might encounter in a health club.

Online Kettlebell Instructor Training

Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting

Beginner to Intermediate • 8-15 hrs

Course Approvals: ISSA & KIPS

This online course gives each learner the fundamentals to work with kettlebells. Topics included the hand grip, breathing, two-arm swing, kettlebell clean, two-kettlebell swing, and more.

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