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Core Performance Specialist (CPS) is an online educational course centered around core training. In this course, we discuss the theoretical definition of the core and the practical application of core stabilization training with your clients. Whether you are training high-level athletes or clients at a gym, this course can provide you with the essential knowledge to progress, modify, or adapt an exercise. What may apply to one client may not apply to another, and therefore, understanding core training principles is important to our programming and application of core training exercises. Upon completing this course, any health & fitness professional can apply, program, and execute sound core performance-enhancing techniques.


Introduction Core Performance Specialist

How does research play a role?


Assessing Your Clients

Exercise Progressions

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This course equips the fitness instructor with a theoretic and practical understanding of core training. Upon completing this online course, the fitness professional will have increased competence in coaching and confidence in applying core training principles within their practice.


  • The new and old definitions of the core.
  • How research has played a role in core training.
  • How to assess your client’s core based on visual outcomes and exercises you have mastered.
  • Core exercise progressions and using combo exercises.
  • Core areas and core training principles to emphasize.

Core Performance Specialist COURSE DETAILS

Format: Online

Course Approvals: NASM 1.9, ISSA 20, AFAA 15, ACE 1.1, NESTA 2.0, & KIPS 2.0

Exam Requirement: 80% or better on the final exam | Multiple Choice | Certificate available for download 

Completion Time: Approximately 8-15 hours, depending on allotted study time.

Course Format: Online Lectures & Online Exam