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YouTube Shorts can be a potent tool for channel growth, but what about workout-based channels? With their unique focus on fitness and workouts, these channels face different challenges than channels that produce how-to or review-based content. Understanding if Shorts can benefit your workout-based channel can be the difference between gaining subscribers and views, and watching your channel growth plummet. In this video, Tyler Valencia, Ph.D(c), shares data and insights from various workout-based YouTube channels, illustrating how YouTube Shorts impacted each one.

If the YouTube algorithm is designed to find videos for viewers, views and watch hours will suffer if your channel demographics have changed from those watching your YouTube Shorts. If the algorithm is looking for the right audience for your channel and believes the audience created through Shorts is your perfect audience, but this audience is not watching your long-form content being created, views and subs will stagnate. Tyler shares analytics from an active aging YouTube channel geared toward an audience 55 years or older. After introducing YouTube Shorts to this channel, the demographics of the channel started to even out, and video views and watch hours immediately suffered.

Understanding where your audience consumes content can help you stay efficient with your time and where to publish content to grow your community.

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