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There are significant similarities between working in a gym and creating content for YouTube. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D.(c), not only highlights these similarities but also emphasizes how your existing skills and experiences can be leveraged in both these domains. This validation of your abilities should boost your confidence and motivate you to explore new avenues for career growth.

One of Tyler’s similarities is between YouTube thumbnails and how we appear within a gym to potential clients. Thumbnails on YouTube are essentially window shopping, and you are trying to gain a potential viewer’s attention as they scan their homepage or search results. Our first thought about our appearance within a gym can be superficial, but there are other elements, such as when you’re training clients or working out on your own. Members of a gym are always watching and scanning a room, and how you engage with your current clients is an excellent demonstration of your services. Showcasing that you can teach a client solid technique goes beyond the results your client receives, and it’s important to remember that a potential client may be watching and ready to schedule their free consultation.

No matter how in-depth you want to get with YouTube, adding this piece to your weekly routine can open your options as a health, wellness, or fitness business. Starting small and creating how-to videos or exercise breakdowns can help you get experience creating content. Creating long-form videos as a fitness instructor is a significant benefit for all creators, and it helps chip away at the watch hour requirement of monetization.

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