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In this episode:

  • How “hot topics” and keywords influence new viewers clicking a thumbnail.
  • The superficial nature of thumbnails and how it’s similar to working in a gym.
  • How do a thumbnail, title, and workout all tie together with your theme?

As fitness professionals, we strive to spread positive, evidence-based information. However, sometimes this information may not be as marketable as what is popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, Tyler Valencia, Ph.D.(c), discusses the challenges that fitness instructors face when creating content for YouTube. For example, using buzzwords like “fat-burning” and “six-pack” can attract a larger audience. The key is to ensure that these terms are used only to attract viewers and then provide them with evidence-based practices to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Tyler also discusses the importance of having a creator mentality on YouTube. Unlike the gym environment, where the atmosphere can be competitive, YouTube offers a global market with an expansive reach. Collaborating with fellow creators can help you learn how to create a successful fitness-based channel.

If you are already on YouTube, what barriers did you face when trying to grow your channel?

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