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One of the most challenging situations as a health, wellness, or fitness professional is conversing with a client experiencing grief or loss. You feel emotionally unaware of what to say but deeply care about your client’s health and wellness. Over the years, different types of yoga practice have risen, bringing uniqueness to mental and physical health. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, returning guest Jenn Tarrant shares her new yoga course (through YogaFit) that discusses loss and grief with yoga practice. Jenn, a trained yoga therapist, shares some of her favorite areas of the course that were uncovered through her research and gives insight to the listeners on how this type of practice can benefit your clients.

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is when Jenn dives into how different variations of yoga can be utilized depending on how your client feels at that particular moment. With every type of health and fitness instruction, molding a session for your client is one of the fundamental approaches that shows your professionalism and ability to apply the education. Jenn shares how she has started clients in fully laying down positions to calm the body and mind and taken clients through more vigorous yoga styles to release body tension.

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