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What has the re-opening of gyms at different rates across the United States looked like? How have (or haven’t) gyms adapted to consumers, and how have instructors approached the re-hiring process? It’s no secret that many fitness instructors increased their revenue during the pandemic by starting their own entrepreneurial ventures. In episode 61 of the KIPS Podcast, guest Vincent Metzo, MA, CSCS shares his outlook on the last few years and how the fitness industry has changed post-pandemic. Vincent is the Senior Director for Fitness Education of Town Sports International and oversees the training of newly onboarded and existing instructors.

A major topic that we discuss is the dilemma gyms face as they try to recruit instructors to come work for them and how the pandemic has changed this process. Vincent also discusses his outlook on fitness education and his advice for instructors wanting to get hired as an entry-level trainer.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How gyms have approached hiring instructors.
  • The evolution of fitness education.
  • Advice for fitness instructors looking to get hired.

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