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The first option Tyler discusses is the Private Facebook Group. This option is low cost and pretty easy to set up. Most people have a Facebook account and a private group creates a paywall that you can control who enters and exits. For this option, figuring out how you will collect money will be key to the member experience. Since you don’t have a website associated with this option, using a merchant processor such as PayPal or Venmo can help you collect funds and allow for members across the globe.

The next option discussed in this episode is the Third Party Booking Site. Companies that offer an all-in-one solution have grown over the last two years and they create a very user-friendly option for fit pros that aren’t used to working on a website. On the KIPS Blog you will find a review we completed on one of these (linked below), which reviews the benefits and goes through a few of the features.

The last option discussed is the DIY Membership Site. With this option you are assembling all the pieces to collect payment, protect your content, and designing the website. This option takes the most time and is potentially the most expensive, but it allows for the most options. With building your own website you can customize any feature and set up your website for optimal organic growth (SEO).

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