In this episode of the KIPS Personal Trainer Application Podcast we discuss CBD and how a fitness professional can utilize it in their business. It’s important that a personal trainer understand what CBD is and the differences between sources. Guest Angella Hamilton is the owner of Simple Jane, a retailer for CBD products. This episode was sponsored by Simple Jane, enter “KIPS” at checkout for a 20% discount.

Angella has spent the last decade in the health and wellness industry as a Personal Trainer, Tai Chi Instructor, and Women’s Health Expert. Her expertise has allowed her to teach in some of the most acclaimed resorts in the United States and has taught at numerous national women’s health conferences. Angella started her quest for simple, all natural solutions to feel great and stay sexy after experiencing early menopause caused by a cancer diagnosis. An overheard conversation in a Colorado dispensary in 2015 between two women talking about ‘weed lube’ inspired Simple Jane and the rest, they say, is history (in the making).

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