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Creative freedom and building your own brand are two of the biggest reasons fitness professionals create online workouts for YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine and a resource that allows fitness professionals to reach a global audience. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, guest Courtney Andersen shares her journey from teaching in-person to starting her own workout YouTube channel at the end of 2020. At the moment, Courtney provides pre-recorded weekly workouts without dialogue and also does live weekly workouts streamed through YouTube. Sharing the reasoning behind each of these choices, Courtney provides advice for instructors thinking about making the leap into the world of YouTube.

Courtney’s Channel currently has just over 17 thousand subscribers and provides viewers with kickboxing, HIIT, and strength training workouts. A unique feature of her workouts is the scenic backgrounds. Courtney films at locations that look appealing to the viewer and provide a backdrop that helps separate her channel from others. A segment from this episode that is great for fit pros listening is her reasoning behind fully committing to YouTube. In this segment, Courtney shares how she had experiences teaching for gyms that wanted her to follow strict instructing guidelines and others that gave more freedom, but with YouTube she has the ability to create and teach what she likes. This is the freedom of YouTube that helps promote creativity and stability that many fitness professionals seek out.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Reasons to start a workout YouTube Channel
  • Courtney’s style of online workouts
  • How Courtney scouts new locations to film
  • Royalty free music vs Mainstream

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