In episode 41 of the KIPS Personal Trainer Application Podcast, we have returning guest Sean Sewell. Sean is the owner of Engearment and Colorado Personal Fitness. Engearment is an affiliate marketing-based company that focuses on outdoor recreation. At moment, Engearment hosts over 40 writers that are creating an assortment of content that is written and video based. Throughout this episode Sean shares his journey creating Engearment and his advice for fitness professionals wanting to generate affiliate commission. Affiliate marketing has been a tool for fitness professionals to earn revenue over the years but can also be a strategy for creating consistent marketing materials.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Affiliate marketing basics for fitness professionals.
  • How Sean started Engearment and the steps he focused on for growth.
  • Different ways that affiliate marketing compliments a fitness business.

Learn more about Engearment – CLICK HERE.