In this video we will be breaking down how to set up your capture card with your camera to stream workouts. If you have a nice camera such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera, purchasing a capture card can help you attach it to a streaming service like Zoom, Facebook or YouTube. Not only is this one easy way to improve the quality, but the difference is night and day. A capture card is what takes the signal from the camera and acts like a receiver to put the signal into a format for the computer. The one we are using for this video tutorial was about $100 with shipping, but typically range in cost anywhere between $80 and $275. You can try Amazon, eBay, Facebook Market or OfferUp.

To utilize the capture card for this tutorial we needed to purchase a mini HDMI to connect the DSLR camera which was an extra $10 on Amazon. The HD60 Game Live card comes with a cord that goes into the capture card and plugs into the computer, but there are some capture cards on the market that plug directly into the USB port. Once in Zoom you can check your settings and the option to click the capture card should be there. The same should be available for Facebook Live or YouTube.

Watch our tutorial on streaming with Zoom – CLICK HERE.