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Over the last two-years, individuals in the active aging community grew more comfortable with the use of Zoom. Zoom not only allowed individuals to connect online with friends and family across the globe, but also showed them that purchasing services over Zoom can be effective and professional. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, guest Mary Kennedy shares insight into training the active aging population online and how she deals with typical components of a training session such as the assessment and cueing. Mary also shares how she grows her online training business, which might surprise fitness instructors looking to gain clients in the active aging population.

Mary starts the episode by sharing how Zoom allowed her to train clients in different states and how online training has allowed some of her clients to gain access to exercise. What many fitness instructors forget is how training the active aging population may have barriers such as transportation. Using Zoom for workouts can be done in the comfort of a client’s home and can be just as effective. On top of this Mary shares why she wears certain colors while teaching online and why it’s important to do so.

One of the best segments of this episode is when Mary shares how she performs assessments and has altered her cueing for online workouts. Being creative and thinking outside the box with these items has helped her be more effective with her communication and gain the information needed to create individualized programs. When Mary cues online, she is often pointing out on her own body and showing where the client should be feeling the exercise. This level of instruction is a modification to her usual teaching style but also a way to impart knowledge onto the clients.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How to perform an assessment through Zoom.
  • Ways to alter your cueing to help your client.
  • Growing your leads for training active agers.

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