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YouTube is a journey that can provide options for health, wellness, and fitness professionals across the globe. It’s a journey that takes an investment in time and one that may not pay off as quickly as some hope, but it is one that KIPS President Tyler Valencia, PhD(c), believes all professionals should start. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, Tyler shares his top five tips for fitness professionals starting on YouTube. These are tips that Tyler has personally experienced, and he gives you the steps to implement them into your content creation.

One of the things that constantly stops people from starting on YouTube is they think no one will watch their videos and that some have already taken their ideas. Don’t forget though, YouTube is a GLOBAL market and the second largest search engine in the world! There is more than enough viewership, and often viewers who find your channel are the ones who understand the power of YouTube. YouTube wants people on its platform and wants to find viewers who like your content. It does all the work small business owners have been doing with SEO on their websites and finds similar viewers from around the globe.

Listen to this episode and tell us what’s hanging you up with your YouTube channel.

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