In episode 17 of the KIPS Personal Trainer Application Podcast we have the owner and developer of Bodyblade®, Bruce Hymanson. By trade, Bruce is a physical therapist and educator but through his innovative approach to movement he developed the Bodyblade®roughly 30-years ago. Throughout this episode Bruce shares his approach to patient rehab and his journey to developing the Bodyblade®.

The Bodyblade® pioneered vibration and inertia training in 1991. With its patented design, it was created to address the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine and to provide a stable platform for all other rehabilitation, sport performance training, fitness enhancement and personal training regimen, resulting in improved wellness, function and muscle definition.

Bruce received his Bachelor of Arts in physical education in 1973 and his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1977 from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota.