Lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve the overall quality of your online workout. But where do you start? As a fitness professional, lighting a workout is not part of any entry level certification but is now a part of the fitness industry moving forward. In this tutorial, Tyler Valencia, President of KIPS, goes over the Amaran 100d and why it’s the best light to use for your setup. After going through the specifications and talking about lighting an online workout, Tyler tests the Amaran vs two different budget lights.

The Amaran 100d is made by Aputure and is part of their more budget friendly lineup. If you’re looking for a recognizable company, Aputure is one of the best and well-known for their quality. The Amaran 100d can be controlled with a bluetooth app and the brightness is easily adjusted with the knob on the back. Coming in at $199, the Amaran 100d is a light that is probably out of the budget of most online fitness instructors but can be an option to build towards.

Equipment Used for this Tutorial
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