This flow will challenge not only your strength but your feet and coordination as well! Containing a variety of swings, reaches, and steps, this flow will get you long, strong, and harnessing momentum.

Ideally for this flow, you will utilize a weight plate that has handles as it will be a little easier to manage. If not, that’s alright, you’ll develop a stronger pinch grip. In the video, Trevor is using a 25lb weight plate which is a good challenging weight. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a 10lb or 5lb. The movements and momentum will be enough to challenge you at first.

This flow is on the intermediate side only because of the transitions. Start slow and practice the individual movements separately before chunking them together. Focus on your rhythm and timing and always absorb and initiate the load through your hips.

Movement 1
Movement 1 is a through the leg swing to an overhead (OH) step and reach. Initiate the movement by letting the plate drop and swing through the legs. Squat with the swing of the load, absorbing the momentum. Stand or extend through the hips quickly to redirect the plate back up. As it comes up, grab it with the other hand and guide it over your head with a simultaneous step. The transition here is very important, you want the plate to stop at the same time you finish your step. Guide the plate back through the legs and repeat with the other hand and foot.

Movement 2
Movement 2 is a step back hip hinging swing. Initiate the movement by letting the plate fall to a side with the one arm. At the same time, step back with the opposite leg. Hinge at the hips and absorb the momentum of the swing with a long spine and long reach. Once the plate reaches its end redirect the momentum (ROM) of the plate by standing tall with both feet coming together. The plate will swing up in front of you, switch hands and repeat on the other side.

Movement 3
Movement 3 is a skip step over the shoulder swing. With two hands holding the plate, initiate the movement with a drop step and swinging the plate down into your squat. Use your hips and extend to redirect the momentum of the plate up and over the opposite shoulder while simultaneously using a skip stepping pattern. In other words, right together left or left together right. Repeat for desired time or reps and then train the other side.

Movement 4
Movement 4 is a halo to transverse step rotational swing. Initiate the movement through a quarter squat guiding the plate up and around the head. As the plate swings around the head, continue to guide it around. At this time, begin to turn and step 90 degrees. Guide the plate across the knee of the foot that steps. As you rotate, absorb the momentum through your hips as if you’re getting ready to throw a disc. Once you’ve reached your end ROM, redirect the momentum back to the starting position and repeat in the opposite direction.

Putting It Together
Once you feel confident and proficient with the three movements you’re ready to put them together. The flow moves from one side of the body to the other side of the body. Pay close attention, the skip steps and the footwork at the transitions are tricky.

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