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When a fitness pro thinks of online workouts, they immediately think of group formats or on-demand workout libraries. Not only can one-on-one fitness instruction be effective online, but the experience can be uniquely positive. With the technology available for instructors to utilize, clients exercising at home can interact with a quality coach and go through the same (if not better) experience. Online instructors can perform assessments, provide cues, and create a connection no matter where each party is located. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, returning guest Matt Berenc shares about the new company he is working for (FORME) and why he is passionate about the virtual training experience available to fitness professionals.

This episode starts with Matt sharing about his career in the fitness industry, and then goes into the ins and outs of virtual training in 2023. When the pandemic started, fitness instructors were hurried into online training and those looking to take their business online were using every video communication platform available. Today, apps and video communication platforms have evolved to improve the user experience and are more user friendly.

One of the great segments in this podcast is when Matt shares the progression a virtual instructor goes through when learning how to set themselves up in-front of the camera. Instructor’s will learn where the best spot is for them to show full-body movements, where they can emphasize technique performed on the ground, or how to position themselves when showing a specific body part. This progression is part of the learning experience that a virtual trainer will adapt, but also helps turn a side hustle into a professional career.

Virtual training is a great tool to consider and episodes like this showcase all the benefits a fitness instructor can unlock.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Improving the experience of one-on-one virtual training.
  • The benefits of at-home workouts.
  • Interaction and engagement through online training.

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