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Starting a YouTube workout channel has a lot of advantages that fitness pros look for in a career. The ability to develop your own workout programs, being creative, and being your own boss. Those benefits alone are hard to find in any profession. In this video, Tyler Valencia shares insight from his YouTube journey over the last year. Tyler is also the owner of Time 2 Train Fitness which at the moment is just shy of both requirements to be monetized on YouTube. Time 2 Train Fitness offers barre, cycling, HIIT, and strength training on their channel.

There are many videos on YouTube on how to get monetized and the “secrets” to growing your channel, but not many focus on just the fundamentals for fitness professionals. The uniqueness of our industry slightly varies how we approach YouTube, but at the same time it comes back to the biggest one… making quality content. If YouTube is going to be your career, then you need to treat it like it. A common phrase said by those not fully aware of how to use YouTube is “I’ll just throw something up and see what happens.” There is no part of “throwing something up” that equals professional and quality.

At the moment, the current requirements for monetizing on YouTube are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within the last year. These requirements have changed over the last 10-years but it’s for good reason. The journey is long to get monetized on YouTube but it’s there to help you learn about making quality content.

Watch this video and share what you’ve learned along your journey or what’s stopping you from getting started.

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