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For many reasons, starting a podcast as a health, wellness, or fitness professional can be a great business tool. A great benefit of starting a podcast is working on your public speaking skills. Public speaking is a frightening task for many people but a necessary tool for individuals working in this profession. If you want to film content for social media, build an on-demand library, or speak at conferences, public speaking is a part of it! With podcasting, you are recording independently and formulating your content without the pressure of someone watching. Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) covers four parts of starting a podcast and companies that can help you.

Another excellent reason for starting a podcast is to add a benefit to your members. If you can bring on guests from around the health spectrum to provide their advice to your members, you can add one more value to being a member of yours. For example, if you run an in-person boot camp, having a guest come onto your podcast to talk about sleep can be a great topic that helps them with their overall wellness. On top of that, this guest may want to share the podcast within their network, which gives your business organic cross-promotion.

This tutorial provides another business-building tool for listeners to utilize immediately. After listening, hopefully, they feel empowered and hear how easy it can be to get started today!

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