Speed, Agility & Strength Training

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Learn how to enhance your athlete’s performance and reduce the risk of injury through efficient and effective training methods. This course covers different theories on speed, agility, and strength training. Although not specifically mentioned in the title, quickness is also discussed. You will learn the basic drills to improve running technique, various acceleration theories, and how reaction time can increase agility. This course also covers alternative approaches to your current drills and various modalities for strength training your athlete.

Topics Covered

The Specificity of Training

VRT/Accommodated Resistance

Stride Length & Stride Frequency Drills

Single Limb Training

Acceleration vs Maximum Velocity

The Mechanics of Sprinting

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Athletes often face unexpected obstacles during their performance, and in order to improve their chances of success, they can create movement patterns or build strength. Although quickness is an important component of many sports, this course does not emphasize it in its title. However, it does incorporate quickness as a part of the curriculum. Instead, the course places a greater emphasis on strength training, which, according to science, can significantly benefit many athletes.



Format: Online

Course Approvals: NASM 1.9, ISSA 20, NCCPT 1.9, NCSF 7.0, NESTA 2.0, & KIPS 2.0

Exam Requirement: 70% or better on the final exam | Certificate Available for Download 

Completion Time: Approximately 8-16 hours depending on study time

Course Format: 5 Online Lectures, Course Manual & Study Guide