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Do you need a new headshot for a job, website or your social media channel? In this tutorial we go through five tips for shooting a headshot with your smartphone. Small disclaimer, of course a professional headshot will be superior to a headshot taken on your smartphone, but this way is economical (free) and can be much better than the car selfie.

Tyler Valencia, President of KIPS, goes through attire, mood, lighting, lens and framing. With a lot of fitness professionals investing in video production gear, the ability to light and frame a headshot is even better than two-years ago. If you have better equipment.. use it! One of those pieces of equipment is video lights. The lights you use for filming your online workouts can and should be used for a new headshot.

For iPhone users, this process is even easier with the use of portrait mode. This photo mode can help you produce a headshot that doesn’t distort your face and even has different lighting options to choose from.

Equipment Used for this Tutorial
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