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Are you looking for an over-ear microphone option for recording online workouts? The PLYE-PRO over-ear microphone can be an excellent option for fitness instructors recording online workouts or anyone creating active social media content. If you’re actively moving around while recording your content, there’s a chance that your audio levels will fluctuate depending on your lavalier placement and your head placement. An over-ear microphone can help keep your audio levels consistent while you’re performing exercise demonstrations, full-body workouts, or even constantly moving throughout your recording.

The PYLE-PRO is available on Amazon for $18.99 and comes with two windscreens and a ¼ adapter. This review goes over the PLYE-PRO and its benefits and gives you a visual comparison with the SONY EMCLV1. Both of these options pair well with the RODEGO and can help you keep a professional look while recording.

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