In this episode of One Exercise Two Modalities we review a row with the ViPR and Rip Trainer. This exercise can be great for working balance and teaching clients how to unilaterally load while holding a weight. These exercises can be great for senior clients and athletes.

With the Rip Trainer version of the chop, start with an over under grip with the hand closest to attachment near the middle of the handle. Moving the hand closer to the attachment will decrease the mechanical advantage and make the exercise easier for your client. With your client’s stance, have them start with the feet staggered and the same foot closest to the anchor is forward. Initiate the exercise by lunging down and extending the rip trainer towards the anchor. As your client stands up, have them pull the Rip Trainer past the hip.

There are similar cues for the ViPR version of this exercise. Start the client in an offset stance with the ViPR on the shoulder with an offset grip. Have the client imagine chopping across the body and finishing off the opposite hip.

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