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When you started to learn about teaching online, what did that process look like? Were you excited or nervous when you thought about having to learn how to edit your workout videos? In episode 56 of the KIPS Podcast, guest Kristi Taylor shares her experience learning how to teach online and then all the technical aspects to publish her workouts online. Kristi shares the software she used to make her online workouts look more professional and all the products she recommends investing in.

On top of teaching online, Kristi has started her own group fitness format PowerBeat. This format is offered at two of the major gym chains in the Greater Phoenix Area and through her online channel. In this episode, Kristi shares the reasoning behind starting her own format and what makes it unique.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The unique features of PowerBeat & PowerBeat+
  • The process Kristi takes to produce her online workouts
  • Advice for instructors wanting to improve their mentality during online workouts

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