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In this episode:

  • Why have Facebook live streams decreased?
  • Is Instagram content creation relevant again?
  • Where should fitness professionals focus on Meta?


Social media platforms update, and the content emphasized by each platform changes almost bi-yearly. One of the biggest mistakes fit pros make with social media is spending time creating content that worked 10-15 years ago. Audiences want to be entertained, and each social media platform has developed tools to enhance content creation. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, Tyler Valencia, Ph.D.(c), shares his take on content types within Meta and if they are worth spending your time on during your weekly social media calendar.

The content type Tyler shares is heating up: Instagram Reels. There was a dip for content creators on Instagram while the platform pushed the verified blue checkmark membership. In the last month, representatives from Instagram shared how the platform would emphasize original content created by smaller creators. Tyler shares insight from the KIPS Instagram and the areas of the account that are growing.

The type of content that Tyler believes shouldn’t be near anyone’s social media calendar is Meta live streams. Unfortunately, live streams gain little traction compared to four years ago. According to AdWeek, back in 2021, Facebook Live videos received 3X higher engagement than a video that is no longer live and 5X more than standard photo posts. With KIPS, live stream content is organically reaching maybe a 1/5th of other types of content. This is, unfortunately, one of the changes in the kind of content being organically pushed to viewers and is one that content creators must adapt to.

Are there any platforms and content types you believe are great for organic traffic?

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