In the first episode of Level Up with Coach Ron we have the Glute Bridge or Hip Thrust. In this breakdown Ron shares some common errors you may see, and variations to utilize depending on the equipment you have present or the fitness level of your client. The glute bridge has become a popular way to develop the glute medius and maximus and has it practical applications with the general population and athletes. Level Up is a new series with KIPS where we breakdown exercises made popular through social media. Social media a powerful tool for fitness professionals and can be a great way to get ideas for exercises. The important part is that each exercise is performed with the proper goal and safety is always kept in-mind. Clients should not be fit to an exercise and should be modified when appropriate. Learn more about the KIPS Personal Trainer Program – CLICK HERE.  Follow KIPS on Instagram – CLICK HERE.  Follow KIPS on Facebook – CLICK HERE.  Follow KIPS on Twitter – CLICK HERE.