Kettlebell Corrective Strategies and Techniques: Shoulder & Hip

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Online Kettlebell Shoulder and Hip

Course Description

In this online course, we will start by covering the basic anatomical and biomechanical principles related to the hip and shoulder joint. With this foundation, we will introduce the principles of training, including the SAID Principle, Overload Principle, and Specificity Principle. These principles will help us safely and effectively assist clients in achieving their goals. It is important to note that the success of a program is determined by the professional judgment of the practitioner and not simply following a technique, method, or tool blindly. Therefore, this course aims to enhance the practitioner’s ability to select and progress exercises for the hip and shoulder joint and its movements in a way that aligns with the foundational principles of exercise selection and progression. By doing so, clients will be able to reach their full potential.

Topics Covered

Post-Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise with Kettlebells

Application of the Principles of Training

Shoulder & Hip Anatomy

Biomechanics of the Shoulder & Hip

Assessing Your Client

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Course Instructor Vincent Metzo, MA, who has been teaching kettlebell instructor workshops for many years, noticed a gap between the principles of training applied to strength and conditioning with kettlebells and those used in prehabilitation, post-rehabilitation and corrective exercise with kettlebells. The use of kettlebells is not simply based on an absolute indication or contraindication, but rather on the principles of training, anatomy, biomechanics, assessment, and programming that can be applied to any tool with any client.


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Kettlebell Corrective Strategies COURSE DETAILS

Format: Online

Course Approvals: KIPS 2.0

Exam Requirement: 70% or better on the final exam | Multiple Choice | Certificate Available for Download 

Completion Time: Approximately 8-15 hours, depending on study time

Course Format: 5 Online Lectures, Course Manual & Study Guide