Kettlebell Corrective Strategies and Techniques: Shoulder & Hip


In this online course, we start with the anatomical and biomechanical principles pertaining to the hip and shoulder joint. With this foundation and the principles of training: SAID Principle, Overload Principle, and Specificity Principle, we can apply the methods contained in this course to safely and effectively help clients in a way that is relevant to the goals of their program. It’s the professional judgment of the practitioner that makes the choice of exercises in a program effective and not the blind adherence to a method, technique or tool. It is our hope that this course will increase the ability of the practitioner to apply these and other exercises for the hip and shoulder joint, and its movements to help clients achieve their potential by enhancing the foundational principles that govern exercise selection and progression.

Topics covered


Post-Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise with Kettlebells


Application of the Principles of Training


Shoulder & Hip Anatomy


Biomechanics of the Shoulder & Hip


Assessing Your Client

Kettlebell Corrective Strategies


Course Approvals: KIPS 2.0

Exam Requirement: 70% or better on the final exam | Multiple Choice | Certificate Available for Download 

Format: Online 

Completion Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks depending on study time

Course Format: 5 Online Lectures, Course Manual & Study Guide 

Kettlebell Corrective Strategies and Techniques - Shoulder and Hip
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