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An interesting topic for fitness instructors to discuss is, has online become a viable route for new instructors entering the industry? In previous years, many would have advised that you need an entry level certification and you need to apply to a certain number of gyms in order to get experience. What teaching online has shown us is that instructors can reach a global audience and still provide an effective workout. A major benefit instructors have spoken about is their ability to teach friends and family through Zoom and how it has created a new revenue stream. So can this be a route for newcomers and can they learn skills that help them become a well rounded instructor?

In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, Tyler Valencia goes through this question and why he believes new fitness instructors can learn skills teaching online that many veteran instructors learn after years of working in the industry. One of the realities of teaching online is that it is different. Constant communication and cueing helps viewers of the online workout process the information and hopefully complete each workout in a safe manner. Online workouts force instructors to be creative with their exercise breakdowns and even exercise selection. This translates well to instructors that choose to go back to teaching in-person and creates another avenue for entering the fitness industry.

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