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If you’re adding online workouts to your services or wanting to improve your current online workouts, your mental approach has a large influence on how you design and program each session. Learning from instructors that are creating content at a high level and within your own industry is a great way to grow as an instructor but also develop better quality content. In episode 80 of the KIPS Podcast, guest Joe Alvarado shares about his journey on YouTube, talks about his current content creation set up, and shares about what it’s like to teach in-person and live at a high-level.

Joe shares about how we used to believe that these two teaching modalities are completely different but now you can learn from each type of session to improve your coaching style. Along with running a cycling-based YouTube channel, Joe is a manager with LifeTime Fitness in Centennial, CO. With LifeTime, Joe manages the group fitness instructors and teaches a variety of formats. In this episode, Joe shares the unique setup that LifeTime has with their own online platform and how during the pandemic it was a unique experience to teach to two different audiences.

This episode is a great listen for instructors that are thinking about adding online workouts to their current live sessions or wondering what the dynamics are of teaching both types of sessions.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Investing in filming equipment.
  • Mindset for filming online workouts.
  • Teaching online and live sessions.

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