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As fitness professionals gain more experience within the industry, they start to see issues that either affect their ability to work at a high level or grow within their chosen career path. These issues might stem from current pay wage, access to career growth, or even health benefits. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, guest Kate Finamore shares issues and experiences centered around instructor inequalities from her 30+ year career within the fitness industry, as well as how fitness professionals can learn and grow. Kate pulls from her experience being a manager for top-level brands and discusses improving instructor pay, creating new class times, and growing a gym’s group exercise schedule.

The fitness industry (while young compared to others), still faces the same issues experienced 10-15 years ago. With the recent pandemic, a lot of issues were brought to the forefront for fitness instructors and going forward instructors should feel empowered to have discussions that were once considered taboo. In this episode, Kate discusses one of those topics, proper wages. She shares a story about how she was supposed to hire new instructors for a gym, despite the payment scale being the same as 15 years prior. This issue is one that instructors have become numb to due to the perception that asking for a better pay is selfish; but in truth, it is one that ensures you are creating a lasting career.

Tune in as Kate shares advice and experience involving instructor inequalities and how you can learn from these stories.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Instructor inequalities such a pay wages and health benefits.
  • New expectations of fitness instructors.
  • Motivation for starting your own business ventures.

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