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In this episode of Level Up with Coach Ron, we dive into the Cow-Cat. An underrated mobility and warm up drill that, if used properly, can vastly improve mobility, posture and performance! Too often this drill is taught and executed haphazardly and without a purpose, leaving clients spinning their wheels and wasting precious training time. That’s why Coach Ron is going to show you how to properly perform this exercise and get the most out of it! Understanding the mechanics and modifications to best meet the demands of your client’s desired outcomes is what helps you level up your exercise instruction.

Level Up is a series with KIPS where we breakdown exercises made popular through social media. Social media is a powerful tool for fitness professionals and can be a great way to get ideas for exercises. The important part is that each exercise is performed with the proper goal and safety is always kept in-mind. Clients should not be fit to an exercise and exercises should be modified when appropriate.

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