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Two of the most popular words used with building your online workout business are community and engagement. How do you get more views and subscribers on YouTube? And then how do you turn those into subscribers? Returning guest, Jason Cohen shares his tips and advice that has helped him grow Kaleigh Cohen Fitness on YouTube which currently has over 130K subscribers.

Many fitness professionals have wondered how you can use YouTube as part of your business and turn it into a revenue generating resource. Jason shares his “give and you will receive” model which is centered around giving away free workouts and how this leads to community. One of the key items that Jason discusses is making story building a part of your workout. This may be already present in your workout and Jason dives deeper into how you can connect them to your members experience.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Using story as a tool for programming online workouts.
  • Building community with your online workout business.
  • Building your social media through YouTube.

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