In this One Exercise Two Modality breakdown, Coach Vaughn goes through the Halo with a kettlebell and double steel clubs. These tools have similar properties that allow clients to safely move the implement around their head. This exercise can be utilized during a warm up to prime the shoulders, rotator cuff, and lats.

To execute the kettlebell variation, start the client holding the horns of the kettlebell in a bottoms up position. From there, have the client push and pull the kettlebell around the crown of the head. Have your client focus on moving the implement around the head, and not moving the head out of the way.

To execute the double steel club variation, start the client in a double stacked position. This position is the start and finish position, which also requires your client to stabilize the clubs while holding the clubs. Seesaw the clubs up and around the head utilizing the same “push and pull” cue.

Coach Vaughn is the owner of Viking Valhalla Training Center in Palmdale, CA. He is also the author of the KIPS online Foundations of Club Training Certification.

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