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This episode in the KIPS Podcast is an update to the Social Media Strategy 2023 episode published earlier in the year. In this episode, host Tyler Valencia shares some tips that he’s been using over the last month to improve his social media presence. One of the biggest tips from the strategy episode earlier in the year was to eliminate social media platforms where your demographics aren’t present. For example, if your audience isn’t on Instagram, then don’t waste time creating content specific for this platform. Of course it’s important to first figure out where your audience is and what the preferred content for that platform is, but this strategy can help prioritize your step spent on social media work. Taking this one step further now, what if your demographic is on a platform that you don’t utilize? A strategy that Tyler has been using is to schedule daily time for that platform. Schedule a small amount of time to research, engage with your audience, and develop content for that platform, and then not return till your next scheduled social media slot.

With Instagram, making Reels has become easier than ever. There is a plethora of templates that you can plug your content into and with cross-posting you can take advantage of two of the largest platforms on the planet.

Use this episode to keep improving your content and building your audience.

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