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Throughout your time as a fitness instructor, opportunities will arise that you may not be ready for or might be the “most qualified” for. Should you pass on these career opportunities or take on the challenge? This could be taking on a new class format as a group exercise instructor, training a new sports team as a personal trainer, or accepting a new client in a demographic you haven’t worked with. Regardless of the opportunity, these can be career-changing and allow you to grow your business. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D. (c), discusses a logical approach to accepting a new instructing opportunity and shares his beliefs on what an instructor should do if they don’t have the educational background.

The last section of this podcast discusses what a fitness instructor should do if they don’t possess a specific certification or educational background for a new coaching opportunity. Unless required by a facility, new career opportunities might be presented by networking with friends or family, being in your manager’s good graces, or marketing within your neighborhood. The takeaway from this podcast episode is that there are multiple ways to grow your career within the fitness industry. Working with new clients will always be challenging, but researching your specific audience can help improve your programming and approach to analyzing your audience’s movements.

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