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Fitness instructors who want to create content for YouTube might hear discouraging statements like “You need an expensive camera to start on YouTube,” Workouts without speaking perform best on YouTube,” or” It’s too late to start recording content for YouTube.” However, these statements are not entirely true. In fact, YouTube is a unique platform that allows fitness instructors to create content appropriate for their audience.

In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, YouTube fitness instructor Michelle Briehler shares her experience building a channel with over 197 thousand subscribers. Michelle started her channel five years ago with a GoPro and has since created strength, cardio, trampoline, barre, and pilates workouts for her audience. Michelle believes that first-timers getting into YouTube just need to get started with what they already have. While she now has a more advanced audio and video setup, Michelle’s success on YouTube was not dependent on expensive equipment or perfect videos. The experience she went through during her YouTube journey has helped her pivot within the fitness industry, and she shares insight that can help any fitness instructor looking to do the same.

Host Tyler Valencia and Michelle discuss the importance of YouTube video thumbnails. Thumbnails are often overlooked, but they can significantly impact a creator’s Click Through Rate (CTR). Viewers perceive thumbnails like window shopping. As they scroll through their YouTube feed, thumbnails can entice them to click through. If a thumbnail conveys what they are looking for, there is a good chance they will click through and become a new subscriber. Michelle shares her perspective on thumbnails and her approach to capturing the essence of her video.

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