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The fitness industry has some unique characteristics that make it stand out but also make it difficult to determine hourly wages. In the latest episode of the KIPS Podcast, the discussion is not about demanding higher wages for fitness instructors, but rather about creating a dialogue between business owners, fitness managers, and instructors to find ways to generate more income and establish more consistent work schedules. Host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D. (c), talks about whether fitness instructors should be compensated for administrative work related to their instruction, including program development, marketing their services, and setting up or cleaning up equipment.

When entering the fitness industry, most professionals realize that the hours are not typical (9 am to 5 pm) and that a lot of work is performed off the clock. But what if fitness instructors could clock into work and perform the administrative duties discussed in the introduction? From the business owner’s perspective, would this create more value? The value of this type of work is what fitness instructors should focus on when discussing these topics with their managers, and hopefully, using this conservation to build their career within the industry.

Overall, the KIPS Podcast provides valuable insights and tips for fitness instructors to help them succeed in their careers. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your business, this episode is a fun listen for anyone in the fitness industry.

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