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A popular question after fitness professionals complete their instructor training is ‘what now’? What does an instructor do to get business and create a career within the fitness industry? In episode 59 of the KIPS Podcast, guest Robyn Parets shares the educational package she has created and cultivated since 2017. Pretzel Kids is a kids yoga instructional course that fitness professionals can join and then grow through their member resources. One of the major benefits that Pretzel Kids offers is their post-training online community and the support they offer to help instructors identify potential trainings.

Robyn shares her story behind Pretzel Kids and why she shifted away from her in-person yoga studio and went fully online. She dives into the intricacies of working with kids and the benefits of working with kids on their health & well-being.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Tips for fitness professionals to grow a business after their certification.
  • The difficulties of running a workout class geared towards kids.
  • How adolescent health & fitness has changed over the last 10-years.

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