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Moving states and switching careers is a change that is often accompanied by long hours and learning a new skill set. That is exactly the process Aviana Garcia went through when she moved from New Mexico to Arizona in 2020 to enter a new part of the fitness industry. Starting out in a completely different field, Aviana had her first experience of the health & fitness industry when she competed in her first bikini competition. After this event, Aviana knew that she wanted to help individuals improve their health and took a position as a manager of a gym in New Mexico. Since then, Aviana has moved to personal training and teaching group exercise in Arizona which she shares her experience throughout this episode.

One of the biggest segments of this episode that fitness professionals can gain perspective on is near the beginning where Aviana shares her approach to social media. Social media can be a challenging aspect of working in the fitness industry and requires a certain amount of courage. Aviana shares how she keeps her content authentic and how she creates content that reaches beginners to exercise.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Creating authentic social media content.
  • Having an open mind when entering the fitness industry.
  • The benefits of working in the fitness industry.

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