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Royalty free music is a must for fitness professionals wanting to grow their online workout business. In recent years, royalty free music has been looked down upon because of its lack of mainstream sounding options but options like Epidemic Sound have started to break that negative stigma. Epidemic Sound is a royalty free music option that fitness professionals can easily set up and provides thousands of song options that help fitness instructors build classes that sound amazing.

In this review, Tyler Valencia shares why he believes Epidemic Sound should be every fitness instructor’s go to when looking to get a music subscription. Having just gone through this process with his company Time 2 Train Fitness, Tyler shares four benefits of using Epidemic Sound that can apply to any fitness instructor. Probably the second biggest reason why fitness professionals should use Epidemic Sound is the price. Epidemic Sound offers different tiers depending on the size of your company and how many accounts you need. Along the same lines is the ease of use. When creating your account, Epidemic Sound asks for you to enter your social media channels and streaming channels so that they can handle any copyright checks.

Epidemic Sound offers a 30 day free trial which allows you to hear the quality of the music and see if it can help you grow your fitness business.

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