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Education within the fitness industry has evolved over the last ten years and will continue to grow as this young industry expands. This is a topic that is largely discussed on the KIPS Podcast because of its importance to the career of health & fitness professionals, and how it can improve the quality of instruction for clients. In this episode, returning guest Vincent Metzo, MA, CSCS shares his insight from his time in the industry and his stops that include working for education companies and gym franchises. Vince shares his perspective on whether gyms should pay for continuing education, how accrediting agencies have played a role in fitness education, and the characteristics of a quality onboarding system.

One of the harsh realities of working in the fitness industry is the varying work hours which leads to difficulty in creating a work-life balance. Being a personal trainer is often donating many hours of your day to the gym to conversate with potential clients and repeating this process until you can build a decent client list. These realities lead to professionals leaving the industry and a high turnover rate for gyms. Listen in on this episode and share your perspective on how fitness education can improve.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Issues with current personal training credentialing.
  • How accreditation impacted the fitness industry.
  • Characteristics of a quality gym onboarding system.

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