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Connecting with your audience is more than just hitting the record button on your camera and going through the motions of instructing an online workout. One of the unique qualities of YouTube is the ability to identify and speak to your ideal audience member. This might sound different at first, but it helps you to develop your brand and coaching style. In a traditional gym, you are more likely to instruct at popular times when members are available, but on YouTube, you work on speaking to your ideal audience because it helps to develop your channel audience. For example, a channel that develops pre and postnatal workouts will likely have coaching cues, music, and branding that attract this audience. More than likely, you wouldn’t play a heavy metal playlist throughout the workout.

In the world of fitness, growing a channel can be a challenging task. However, having a systematic thought process can aid in the growth of the channel and can also have benefits while teaching in person. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, Joe Alvarado, a returning guest, shares his experience of growing his cycling channel to nearly 5,000 subscribers and how he has developed his online coaching style. Joe also provides valuable resources that have helped him over the years and offers advice for fitness instructors who want to learn more about this process. As a Studio Leader at LifeTime Fitness in Centennial, CO, Joe shares how his experience ties into his advice for fitness instructors searching for ways to create better online workouts.

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