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With such a big emphasis placed on Reels, learning how to create more entertaining and engaging content will only help you grow your audience. Reels have become a source of entertainment for individuals that use Instagram and Facebook, and as a health, wellness, or fitness professional you can use them to engage your audience. Prior to the last year, business owners believed they needed to push their services on social media or believed that social media would not help them attract new customers. With Reels, an individual can use their personality to grow their audience and be creative to capture the attention of potential customers.

In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) goes over two ways that newcomers to Reels can utilize right away. Reels can seem impossible to individuals unfamiliar with filming content but creating them has become easier than ever. The first way that Tyler goes over this is by using Canva. If you’re a fan of the KIPS Podcast, you’ve probably already heard about Canva and how it can help you create social media content but one of its greatest assets is the Reel templates already available. You can use Canva to properly format your content and use the templates with your existing content. The next way is to use “original audio” within Instagram. This is not what it sounds like but rather existing audio being used by other Reels. You can bookmark these audio files while watching Reels in your free time and then pull them up when you’re ready to create your next Reel.

Listen in on this episode in the KIPS Podcast and let us know how you’re creating Reels!

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