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How does the fitness industry move forward from its current state? How do employees start to get benefits and how do we learn more about the individuals that work inside the fitness industry? These are topics that seem like regular items for other industries but are still being discussed and debated within the fitness industry. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, guest Emily Stewart shares how she advocated to move the fitness industry towards unionization and shares information about the survey she has procured to help gather more information for this young industry. While Emily admits that the fitness industry isn’t ready for unionization, she discusses how her survey can help gather more information and move the needle towards more favorable work environments for fitness professionals.

This episode is an interesting listen for all types of fitness instructors. As discussed by Emily, discussions in the past have pitted fitness instructors versus gym management, but it is both parties that should be working towards better conditions that will ultimately improve the quality of instruction that fitness professionals can provide. Any fitness instructor that listens to this episode can likely empathize with the stories shared regarding working environments and contribute their own experience in the same area. The survey that Emily discusses has areas to provide feedback for these situations and hopefully all listeners will be compelled to spend 30 minutes to complete the survey.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Emily’s work advocating for a fitness industry union.
  • Work environment issues that should be shared.
  • Emily’s work with the State of Washington during the pandemic.
  • Why the fitness professional survey created by Emily is important.

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