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Over the last three decades, Sarina Jain has cultivated a career that includes speaking at fitness conferences, instructing a multitude of workout formats worldwide, and developing her own instructor training course. Masala Bhangra is a dance-based workout that is rooted in Indian culture and expression. When Sarina first started to develop her instructor training it was based on the demand from fellow fitness professionals that were already following along with her workout videos, and now she has an online course that fitness professionals from across the globe take. Over the years, Sarina has evolved her training to fit the current status of fitness education and now provides a course that prepares the fitness instructor for their first class.

In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, Sarina covers popular topics such as building community and following your passion, as well as how Masala Bhangra is rooted in culture. Fitness professionals these days are looking for their passion in the fitness industry because it helps drive their career. Sarina’s passion and motivation are very evident in the career path she has chosen, which is how she has sustained such a long career in this industry.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Sarina’s definition of community and how she built hers.
  • How Masala Bhangra has evolved over the years.
  • The history of Masala Bhangra and it’s importance to Sarina.

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