When you find a fitness industry veteran that truly enjoys educating and giving back it is a special resource. In episode 47 of the KIPS Personal Trainer Application Podcast, we have guest Dr. Evan Osar, co-founder of the Institute for Integrative Health & Fitness Education (IIHFE). Dr. Osar is an educator who speaks on the fitness conference circuit, author, and adjunct faculty at RMUHS. Throughout this episode, Dr. Osar shares his advice on educational resources for fitness professionals and items he performs on a weekly basis to help his business consistently grow. Dr. Osar also shares his definition of corrective exercise and how individualization should be the basis of any training program.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Dr. Osar’s definition of corrective exercise.
  • Tips for finding your next certification or continuing education course.
  • How anatomy positively correlates with exercise programming.

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