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Online booking systems have multiplied over the last few years, giving health and fitness professionals the freedom to grow their business. In this step-by-step tutorial, we build an online booking website for a fictitious, in-person bootcamp; but this example could be utilized for wellness coaches, online trainers, group fitness instructors or personal trainers. The great thing about using this tutorial is that sessions can be set for both online or in-person classes and services.

The booking system used in this step-by-step tutorial is StartBooking. Having tried a handful of premium WordPress Plugins prior to finding StartBooking, Tyler Valencia guides you through the set up of a booking system that can be easily set up and managed by any individual. Tyler starts this tutorial by sharing why he believes this is a valuable booking system and then shares what you’ll need to follow along.

One of the biggest benefits of using StartBooking is the ability to create packages for all your services. Many of the other booking systems claim to be applicable to gyms, fitness instructors or wellness coaches, but fall short when it comes to how packages are utilized. With StartBooking, you can create a package that members can select any of the services you offer. That means if you offer multiple formats such as HIIT, dance, cardio, or stretching, your members can pick and book whichever they choose.

For those looking to use StartBooking, this platform can be used as your business website or integrated with your WordPress website. It’s a platform that can be branded with your logo and business colors, and offers a members log-in that is user friendly.

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