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When you start looking into affiliate marketing and ways to expand your health, wellness, or fitness business, you typically start with brands related to your field of choice. But as you will come to see, there are many ways to expand your client list, business, revenue, or even audience, outside of the field you’re working in. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, returning guest Sean Sewell shares how he uses his passion with media tools and outdoor recreation to fuel his in-person and online fitness business. Sean is the owner of Engearment and Colorado Personal Fitness. Engearment creates video and written based content for outdoor gear and products. The reviews they create include affiliate marketing links and help grow the Engearment monetized YouTube channel. At moment, Engearment hosts over 50 writers and close to 9K subscribers on YouTube.

With all his businesses, Sean uses his passion for digital media to create content that appeals to his audience and showcases his skills behind and in-front of the camera. Sean uses all his video production gear for training his online workout clients and for helping notable fitness education companies with their streamed seminars. Throughout this episode, Sean shares why he believes in authenticity when talking to the camera and how that can grow your audience.

One of the best tips Sean shares is thinking about yourself when you begin affiliate marketing. Think about the reasons why you enjoy the product and how you believe it benefits your life. This type of review will most likely resonate with someone in the same boat and lead them to build trust with your content.

Listen in on this episode and think about ways you can expand your health, wellness, or fitness business!

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Affiliate marketing for health, wellness, and fitness professionals.
  • Using your hobbies to expand your business.
  • Being authentic when creating content.

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